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October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011

The Writer and the Baker

Today I read an extract from a lecture given to BAFTA and the British Film Institute by Charlie Kaufman about how he writes. I’m a fan of Kaufman’s films, so I was convinced he’d have some useful guidance to give, and I wasn’t disappointed.

One thing in the article really sticks out for me. It’s a straightforward piece of advice: “Don’t let anyone tell you what a story is, what it needs to include,” Kaufman recommends. “As an experiment, write a non-story. It will have a chance of being different.”

Now, this is bold thinking. Seriously? Forget about Aristotle, and the three act structure? Forget readers’ apparent fondness for stories about characters that they can feel sympathy for? Forget about having the underdog triumph over adversity in the end?

This is certainly the way I started out when I sat down to write my first stories. I had little care…

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